Cleanroom Facility - Belgium
02 Nov 2020




Engineers assembling space hardware in the cleanroom.


Credit: QinetiQ
​Our €3m cleanroom facility in Kruibeke, Belgium, provides conditioned, purified air at an overpressure to ensure that even when the doors are opened, normal air is unable to enter the facility. The new facility complies with process specifications and requirements for the manufacture of space equipment and is large enough to support the production of several satellites and docking stations. Key data:
ISO7 or ISO8 operations per ISO14644. A larger cleanroom-tent, capable of reaching ISO 5 conditions, is also available.
Total surface: 450m² 
Total height: partially 5.5m, partially 3m
Security-controlled access

Cleanroom for manufacturing space equipment.

Bottom: Cleanroom for assembling space equipment. Credit: QinetiQ