ECIT TEST Laboratories


​​​ECIT’s VNA Frequency Selective Surface measurement system​​​


​ECIT has five electromagnetic test laboratories housing state-of-the-art facilities including a thermally controlled probe station (dc to 110 GHz) and several Vector Network Analyser measurement systems, which cover the range from dc to 100 GHz. An AB Millimeter VNA and quasi-optical test bench, only one of two systems of its type in the UK, can be used to measure the spectral response of FSS and reflectors in the range from 100 GHz to 700 GHz with a frequency resolution down to 20 MHz and dynamic range of 60 dB. Other facilities equipment include a thermally controlled small/large signal V-band monolithic micro-wave integrated circuit (MMIC) probe station, and a microwave free-space reflection-based test setup.​​