Newton Launch Systems

Newton Launch Systems is an SME dedicated to the development of innovative space technology and providing the facilities for others to do likewise.  Newton has teamed up with the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre to provide a range of test facilities at Llanbedr airfield.

​Newton is developing a range of test facilities to meet its own technology development requirements and is making these facilities available on a commercial basis to universities and companies with a similar need.  The facilities will include static rocket propulsion testing up to 1 kN thrust (sea level), a vacuum chamber for space environment testing and facilities for mechanical testing of structures, structural components, pressure vessels etc.  A testing consultancy and instrumentation service is also available.

A static propulsion test rig is available to test hybrid and bi-propellant rocket engines up to 1 kN thrust in sea level conditions.  The test rig is instrumented to measure thrust, pressure and propellant flow rate.  A second test rig is being developed for larger rocket engines up to 10 kN thrust.

A vacuum chamber is available for testing space components and sub-systems down to a pressure of 10-6 millibar.   The facility is due to be expanded in 2020 to enable thermal vacuum testing with a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C.

Facilities are available for the mechanical testing of structures, structural components, pressure vessels etc, including hydraulic testing and strain gauging.  Facilities are being developed for flow testing (e.g. injectors).  In addition, there is plenty of space at the airfield for clients to test other systems such as pumps, parachute systems and unmanned aerial systems.

Specific capabilities:

  1. Static propulsion testing from May 2020.
  2. Vacuum chamber from June 2020 with thermal capability from September 2020.
  3. Mechanical testing from June 2020.
  4. Consultancy and instrumentation – available now.
Newton offers data collection, instrumentation and testing consultancy to clients including the design and manufacture of data acquisition and control systems for use at the client’s own testing facilities.

The facilities and services may be booked in advance by contacting Newton Launch Systems.  Please email for availability