NPL Radiation Test Facilities


​​​NPL Radiation Test Facility​


​NPL is the UK's National Measurement Institute, developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available and one such area, particularly important for space missions, is radiation testing. A therapy level 60Co Gamma-ray facility is maintained by NPL's Radiation Dosimetry group and is available for hire for short or long-term gamma-ray irradiatio​ns with supporting dosimetry and technical services if required. The facility comprises a Theratron Radiotherapy irradiator and can be used for instrument, materials and components radiation hardness testing for space electronics.​

Research and investigations can be carried out with this facility by NPL staff on a contract basis. The unit may be hired on a half day, day or week basis and the hire fee includes the use of a Perspex or water phantom if required. Other dosimetric equipment can also be hired in conjunction with the hire of the Theratron itself. Any dosimetry required can be made traceable back to either the National Standards of absorbed dose and of air kerma (kinetic energy released per unit mass).