Nammo UK (Moog ISP) - Westcott




Nammo (formerly Moog) is a global designer, manufacturer, and integrator of high-performance systems for military and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, m​issiles, industrial machinery, wind energy, marine applications, and medical equipment. Nammo's global space portfolio includes: systems, sub-assemblies and components for chemical, electric, and cold gas propulsion on satellites; positioning of antennas and solar array panels for spacecraft; and space-rated electronics, avionics, thrust vector control actuation systems, primary flight control actuators, electronic controllers, and fluid control systems and components for launch vehicles. This study focusses on Nammo’s UK space propulsion interests which are centred at its facility at Westcott Venture Park near to Aylesbury. In 2012 Moog acquired AMPAC In‐Space‐Propulsion (ISP), a leading developer and supplier of liquid rocket engines, tanks, and propulsion systems for spacecraft which has heritage dating back to the 1940’s and continuing now at Westcott. In 2017, Moog ISP was itself acquired by Nammo.​

Nammo’s high altitud​e and sea‐level test cells at Westcott are all used to support in‐house rocket engine development projects, but there is some capacity for taking on external work, subject to availability and normal commercial arrangements. Nammo’s current focus is on apogee engines (also known as kick motors) selling across the world, primarily to the USA. Nammo is also developing a new low-cost, high performance apogee engine primarily for European telecoms missions.​​