NSTF EMC Facilities
26 Nov 2018




​NSTF EMC Chamber section:
Chamber size18 m x 19 m x 13m (H)
Door size6m (W) x 10 m (H)
High Power Wall3 W/cm2
Testing  StandardsECSS-E-ST-20-70C
Frequency range80 MHz to 40 GHz
Crane2 ton
Fire suppression system Reduced oxygen

EMC Chamber Section View

The planar scanner is located inside the EMC chamber, and when not in use can be moved to one side to maximise the available area for EMC testing.

Scan Area12 m x 12 m
Measurement Range500 MHz to 76 GHz
Z planarity< 0.1 mm
Planar Near Field Scanner (PNFS)