NPL Instrumentation Design & Development
28 Mar 2018






The NPL Instruments Delivery Group makes use of the expertise and intellectual property developed within NPL research programmes to develop state-of-the-art innovative measurements solutions and instruments. This instrumentation is operated by NPL as national facilities for the United Kingdom or is supplied to Industry, Large Science, NMIs, Government and Academic customers throughout the world, supporting the development of both National and International measurement infrastructure and enabling scientific innovation. 

NPL works with customers who require absolute confidence in their measurements and sensing applications. In support of such technology and industries, NPL’s scientists have developed and applied instruments, standards and methodologies to provide traceable measurements across a broad range of disciplines. The range of instruments we can provide extends from bespoke systems designed to meet a specific measurement requirement or customer application, to standard artefacts and complete metrology systems based on those operated at NPL. This is achieved by a dedicated team of engineers and project managers applying the ISO 9001 accredited processes and a ‘systems engineering’ methodology that focuses on requirements management and a whole-lifecycle approach to design.​