Mars Space (MSL) - Southampton




Mars Space Ltd (MSL) is a SME formed in 2007 and based in Southampton, UK, providing services and consultancy on space and plasma engineering and science. The main areas of expertise lie in space propulsion, in particular electric propulsion and space environment.

Since its incorporation, MSL has been involved in several R&D activities in collaboration with ESA, UKSA, QinetiQ, ArianeGroup, Nammo (formerly Moog), ESP and Clyde Space Ltd carrying out the design, manufacturing, testing and modelling of different electric propulsion devices, i.e. pulsed plasma thrusters, very high temperature resistojets, hollow cathodes, hollow cathode thrusters, Hall effect thrusters and gridded ion engines (Kaufmann, Ring Cusp and RF).​

Diagnostic capabilities

Available diagnostics include:

  • HV differential probes, Rogowski coils, a 30A current probe
  • High accuracy mass scale with a resolution of 10 µg
  • Several digital multi-meters
  • T/C readers
  • Two 4-channel digital oscilloscopes
  • Several NI-DAQ boards for real-time data acquisition and processing; · Langmuir probes and RPAs; · Residual Gas Analyser (up to 200amu).
The Mars Space EP Lab has been recently upgraded. Its facilities are available for use by 3rd parties, subject to availability, and via normal commercial arrangements.​