MOD / QinetiQ LTPA Ranges and Facilities - MoD Hebrides Range
21 Nov 2018







MoD Hebrides RangeThe MOD Hebrides Range is located off the northwest coast of Scotland and consists of a deep range for complex weapons trials and in-service firings, and an inner range for ground-based air defence Test and Evaluation. The Range occupies 115,000km² of sanitised airspace with unlimited altitude. This large area and its nearby airfield make it ideal for air-launched weapons operations, and by implication is suitable for rocket engine testing.

The fully instrumented 3D T&E area provides space for training activities, secure storage areas for munitions, and complete support services. It provides both live and virtual environments, real-time data, deployable systems and a wealth of expertise. The facilities include:

  • Tracking Radar Facility: Real-time data for trials control and safety purposes, as well as providing recordings of time, space and position information for post-trial trajectory analysis, using G Band Radar and Nike Digital Instrumentation Radar (NiDIR).
  • Telemetry: Receive, record and monitor video and other data streams.
  • Support Services: Mechanical and engineering services, accommodation, recreation and medical facilities.
  • Surface Target Facility
  • Aerial Target Facility.

Optical Instrumentation: Mobile Hybrid Tracking Platform (HTP) instruments, mobile video trackers, high-speed digital video and photographic capability.