LMSSC-UK Possible Expansion
21 Mar 2018





​Lockheed Martin A2100 Modular Spacecraft Platform​​​


​LMSSC-UK continues to expand its UK presence. In addition to working with the UKSA and ESA on a range of civil and commercial space projects, LMSSC-UK is also actively investigating the possibility of conducting final integration, assembly and test of complete medium‐size ‘geo’ spacecraft in the 2‐4 tonne class, using LMSSC’s new low‐cost A2100-TR spacecraft platform and leveraging the UK supply chain. The A2100-TR bus comprises a common framework that includes the satellite's solar arrays, propulsion system and core electronics. LMSSC-UK also intends to work with UK-based companies for the mission specific payloads. There are currently more than 40 A2100 spacecraft (the predecessor to the A2100-TR) in orbit with more than 400 collective years of on-orbit service, fulfilling both commercial and US Government missions​​​.