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Intertek is a global test house that has been in the testing business for 130 years, evolving from the combined growth of a number of innovative companies. It became Intertek Testing Services in 1996 an​d was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2002 to become Intertek Group. In the UK, Intertek has become a trusted provider of quality and safety services for many of the world’s leading brands and companies. With more than 1,500 expert staff working in over 50 locations throughout the UK and Ireland, it can provide responsive and local coverage. For the purposes of this survey, Intertek, Leatherhead has been selected since it specialises in EMC testing for the aerospace market.​

Within the UK, Intertek can provide an extensive array of testing services of all types at more than 50 locations, but within the context of this study it is useful to focus on its Leatherhead facility, which is able to provide a comprehensive EMC testing service at unit or subsystem level, combined with environmental testing if required.​​​​​