Space Electronics Manufacturing Facilities
21 Mar 2018





​Honeywell ele​ctronics assembly


​In addition to its RF test facilities, ​Honeywell ​has extensive space electronics manufacturing and test facilities available to support external customers in addition to its in-house programmes.​​

The electronic production facilities are set out below.

Assembly and Test
Class 10,000 clean room area with dedicated Bonded Stores; restricted access to trained staff and secure storage of paper records, excess parts, glue coupons, bond pull coupons.

Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual; for gold or aluminium, using wire or ribbon; for connections to terminations or more complex assemblies; bond pull-test facilities.

Void-free using SRO-702 ATV chamber to achieve void-free solder joints for optimum heat transfer from high power MMIC devices; can also be used for flux-free solder assembly of large-area components such as substrate and heat spreader attachment to carriers; manual soldering with solder iron and/or hotplate and re-flow solder equipment

Pyramid projection welding for any standard ‘can’ package; Slee seam-sealer for any standard ‘can’ package; epoxy sealing using preformed gaskets; indium wire seal.

Seal Test
PIND Tester for vibrating projection weld packages after sealing; testing to MIL-STD-883E Method 2020.7; gross-leak test uses Trioteck Tester with 3M FC-40 to MIL-STD-202 Method 112; fine-leak test uses Pfeiffer QualyTest HLT270 to MIL-STD-883C Method 1014.6; post-seal units gross-leak or fine-leak tested with helium.

Plasma cleaning; or ultrasonic degreaser

Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C776 CMM for dimension checks, flatness, finish and tolerance checks; verniers, micrometers, microscopes; high magnification photography with record function; connector checks – SMA interfaces, centre contact retention, engagement and separation force