RF Testing Facilities




​Between the Aylesbury and Edinburgh sites, Honeywell​ has a full suite of design, analysis, manufacturing and test facilities used to produce its comprehensive range of RF, microwave and electronic​ products. This includes high-power RF test facilities covering L, S, C, Ku and Ka-band​​

RF Testing
S-parameters; Vector network analysers: 2-port and 4-port, DC to >50GHz; Automatic data capture through PC link and integration with Labview software​

EMC testing of RF components
Radiated emission and susceptibility; Spectrum analyser and RF Synthesised source to cover DC to 40GHz

Glitch Testing
Detect and record glitches (i.e. sudden changes in the insertion loss of the units under test with amplitudes >0.05dB and durations >100msec), as test items subjected to changes in temperature; Water cooled oven for fast thermal response; Automatic testing under PC control

RF Power and Intermodulation Distortion
Pairs of amplifiers for testing in the following power levels and frequency bands: · 500W 200-500MHz · 300W 825-2300MHz · 100W 2.5-2.8GHz

Altitude chamber
Pressures to 50,000 ft (75 torr); thermal measurements of reverse power into load; bell jar, vacuum pump and interface plate for thermocouples, RF and DC connections

Testing at high and low temperatures
Numerous Votsch climatic chambers -40°C to +130°C; ATE controlled, holding pre-set dwells and saving s2p files; Overlay plots to show drift; In-house software calculates gradient with frequency and over temperature

PC control for automated testing and recording of results; Environmental Stress Screening (ESS); Thermal Shock and vibration facilities as described elsewhere.​