High Power Microwave Testing
21 Mar 2018





Honeywell  has a world class reputation for issues related to High Power Microwave design and test, and has invested heavily in facilities for the design and testing of complex waveguide equipment​.

Honeywell ​ has the following test facilities for high power testing of microwave devices and equipment:

  • ​1kW pulsed at 1 – 2.5GHz, 
  •  2 x 400W CW at 1 – 2.2GHz 
  • 200W CW at 10 – 14GHz 
  • 200W CW at 18 – 23GHz 
  • 200W CW at 27 – 39GHz

L-Band Facilities

  • 1000MHz to 2500MHz coverage 
  • Single channel testing to 1kW peak power 
  • Dual channel testing to 800W peak power/channel 
  • Typical pulsed signal of 40ms width at 1.5kHz prf 
  • ‘Free electron’ seeding source using Strontium 90 beta emitter (~290MBq) 
  • Detection systems 
    • ​Phase nulling ​
    • Third harmonic 
  • ​System verification samples 
    • 3-section bandpass filters 
    • Coaxial stripline (parallel-plate) 
  • ​2 vacuum chambers available – typical working pressure < 8 x 106  mbar 
  • Temperature control typically -40ºC to +80ºC​

Ku-Band Facilities

  • ​13GHz to 14GHz coverage 
  • Use of wave guide resonant ring provides maximum of 1kW peak power (dependent on DUT loss) 
  • Typical pulsed signal of 40µs width at 1.5 kHz prf

Ka-Band Facilities

  • 35.75GHz operation (+/- 500MHz) 
  • Initial operation at 80W with intention to increase to 200W (HPA isolator dependent)
  • Both CW and pulsed test signals possible, in principle 
  • 1-path, 2-port calibration possible (enhanced response) 
  • ​Temperature cycling capability over -25ºC to +90ºC (ambient pressure)