Clean Room Facilities
21 Mar 2018





Honeywell clean manufacturing and test room​​


Honeywell ’s Aylesbury site has two Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) Clean Rooms for the assembly and testing of space hardware. All operators within these facilities have been certified to ESA standards for the assembly of space hardware. Rigorous processes and procedures control is implemented, which has been audited by ESA and many of the European prime contractors. The recent acquisition of MESL Microwave Ltd offers further 100,000 (ISO class 8) clean room facilities within the Edinburgh site. 

Within Honeywell ’s Aylesbury site the test laboratory, located in the clean room environment, is equipped with all the necessary COTS test equipment with which to perform electrical and RF measurements. Honeywell ​ utilises both LabView and proprietary CTS software, developed by Honeywell , now installed in several locations with many years of heritage on multiple space programmes. The Edinburgh facility also offers increased RF and electrical test capability​​​.​