Higgs EMC & RFI Testing Facilities
02 Apr 2020



The Higgs EMC & RFI testing facilities are suited to a number of general EMC and RFI testing scenarios.

  • GTEM-cell based testing for efficiency
  • Can test units up to 41 x 41 x 31cm
  • Field Strength up to 10V/m, 80MHz to 3GHz can be generated
  • 0MHz to >3GHz signals can be detected and measured
  • Conducted emissions can be tested on bench or within GTEM (for isolation)
  • Near-field probing also available for debugging
  • Located in an ISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom
  • Engineering support available to help design testing
  • Full technician support included for operation
Use cases
  • General EMC pre-compliance testing
  • EMC/RFI checking within design-cycle
  • Debugging and fault-finding
  • Certified clean-room EMC testing
  • Ideal for space sub-system or NanoSatellite testing 
  • Can be used for other aerospace, transport, industrial, etc domains

Technical details

Capability: Radiated susceptibility (immunity)
Field Strength up to 10V/m, 80MHz to 3GHz inside GTEM cell; AM and Pulse Modulation
Capability: Radiated emission
30MHz to >3GHz inside GTEM cell
Capability: Conducted emissionDC 100KHz to 110MHz (up to 10A, 60V); AC 9KHz to 30MHz (up to 8A, 260V, 50-60Hz)
Capability: Near field probing
Electric-field and magnetic-field measurement; up to 3GHz
GTEM cell
Teseq GTEM 500 Ferrite cell; unit under test up to 0.41m x 0.41m x 0.31m; cleanroom certified
Equipment: Radiated susceptibility (immunity)
PMM 3030 signal generator; Bonn BLMA 0830-30/20D Power Amp; PMM PIMS EMC immunity software
Equipment: Radiated emissionKeysight N9030B (26GHz); Nexio BAT-EMC emission software
Equipment: Conducted emissionTekbox TBOH01 & TBLC08 LISN; Keysight N9030B (26GHz); Nexio BAT-EMC emission software
Equipment: Near field probingBeehive 100A, B, & C H-field probes and 100D E-field probe; Beehive 150A probe amplifier; Tektronix MDO4034B-3 (3GHz, with MDO4TRIG & DPO4BND)

Higgs GTEM cell