Bell Cryostat
02 Apr 2020



The Higgs Bell Cryostat is suited to a number of low temperature vacuum testing applications.

  • Vacuum or cryo-vac testing down to 60K (-213°C) or 20K (-253°C)
  • Can accommodate units up to 1.2m
  • Optical and electrical/electronic access during test
  • Located in a controlled-access clean-lab area
  • Engineering support available to help design testing
  • Full technician support included for operation of cryostat and vacuum systems
Use cases
  • General vacuum compatibility testing
  • Cryogenic-vacuum system testing from room-temperature to 20K (-253°C)
  • Ideal for larger volume or heavier items
  • Confirm correct functional operation during test through optical window and electrical/electronic pass-through connections
Technical details
Vessel Size
1500mm dia x 900mm (H)
Roughing Vacuum System1 x scroll pump
High Vacuum System1 x turbo pump
Typical Pump Down time
 ~1 hour
Base Pressure at Ambient< 5E-4 mbar
Base Pressure cold< 5E-5 mbar
Cooling System1x 2-stage Helium CTI helium cold-head
Temperature SensorsDT470 with Lakeshore temperature controller
FeedthroughsMultiple electrical ports
Large Vacuum Ports  5 x ISO 160 ports, 1 fitted with viewport
Small Vacuum Ports3 x KF25
Radiation ShieldingSingle-stage at 80K with ML
1st Stage cold station~60K (1200mm x 1200mm breadboard 25mm M6 tapped)
2nd Stage cold station ~20K (600mm x 600mm breadboard 25mm M6 tapped)
Pressure Relief DeviceFitted, pop-off @ 0.2bar
Unloaded cool down time~4 hours​

Bell cryostat