Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd - Novel Advanced Laser R&D Facility
20 Nov 2018




Novel Advanced Laser R&D



Novel solid-state laser sources and their application are a key area of expertise, including, Optical Parametric Oscillator systems, mid-IR, Raman, fibre and semiconductor disk lasers, sensing and imaging systems, measurement and instrumentation, integrated fibre photonics, waveguides and plasmonics. Research and development activities stretch from the ultraviolet, through visible, to the mid-infrared and THz spectral regions. Laser sources range from continuous wave to ultrashort pulse operation, giving a broad range of world-class laser research and development. Fraunhofer CAP specialises in all aspects of commercial development of laser and light sources including the modelling, design, development, characterisation, ruggedisation and prototyping of engineered laser-based solutions. Emphasis is placed on comprehensive modeling, novel compact laser and optical system design, laser power stability, frequency control and locking, next generation Q-switched laser systems and advanced, low-cost, directly-diode-pumped femtosecond and picosecond lasers. Applications targeted by these sources are in diverse areas from LIDAR and metrology to materials processing, biophotonics and security applications.