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20 Nov 2018




Optical Development Facilities


Optical Development FacilitiesStaff at the Centre for Applied Photonics have decades of industrial and academic experience in laser design, nonlinear optics, instrumentation, engineering, product development and supply chain management with a strong track record of delivering on collaborative projects. Fraunhofer CAP staff are familiar with the realities of taking a product from new scientific concepts to market and are ideally suited for the task of designing and developing high quality, novel, laser sources and imaging solutions for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. Our business activities include applied research, design and development of technology in Technology Readiness Levels 3 to 7 for a predominantly UK customer base. 

A core competence of Fraunhofer CAP is our laser modeling, physics simulation, and component and system design as part of our research, development and prototyping activities. A wide range of advanced software supports design expertise to perform practical simulation and analysis to accurately investigate material and component performance. Our engineers are able to provide system design CAD drawings as well as electronic or PCB layout diagrams and by using industry-standard design​ programs, projects can be seamlessly transferred to a production environment. ​