Falcon Project Ltd, Westcott


The Falcon Project was founded by rocket engineer Daniel Jubb and Sid Guy in 1995 and incorporated in the UK in 2001. Falcon has bases at Westcott Venture Park in Buckinghamshire and in the Mojave Desert in California. The company designs and manufactures custom solid, liquid and hybrid propellant rocket systems with applications ranging from mine disposal and target drones to sounding rockets, mainly for the MoD and US customers. Probably the main interest for this study is the hybrid rocket, shown in cut-away below, developed originally for the Bloodhound supersonic car, but now a real candidate for a small vertical launch vehicle.​

Falcon would like to see a high-altitude test facility at Westcott. Falcon is planning to redevelop ‘K Site’ at Westcott, which includes K2 a horizontal test stand, K1 a vertical test stand and R Site which comprises two smaller firing bays.​