ESR Technologies




ESR Technology are an internationally renowned engineering consultancy specialising in tribology for demanding applications and environments. We have particular expertise in overcoming lubrication, friction and wear challenges in vacuum and space environments, most notably operating the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL) under contract to ESA since 1972, but we also serve a wide range of industry sectors. We can support clients in tribological consultancy and training, tribometer based friction and wear studies, thermal vacuum testing, and lubrication of precision components. We can also lead comprehensive R&D programmes and system design projects for precision mechanical systems demanding reliability in hostile environments.

 Our ESA frame contract allows the provision of consultancy, historical research reports and access to test facilities for European space companies active in spacecraft mechanism development. ESTL also specialises in the production of thin‐film solid lubricants applied to precision tribological components such as bearing, gears and screws. In many cases these are supplied fully assembled, run-in, and characterised as sub‐assemblies ready for integration into the customer’s mechanism system.

Building on our core capability in long-life and high performing mechanism systems, ESR Technology also offer a more complete design, build and qualification capability working in partnership with spacecraft system developers requiring high reliability and sustainable supply. We are also well placed to provide high-performance MGSE and other vacuum mechanisms for a range of applications.

ESR Facilities are available for use by third parties under normal commercial arrangements, subject to availability.​