Scottish Aviation Bulldog
21 Nov 2018




Scottish Aviation Bulldog

​Facility 2 – Text This aircraft has been fitted with a configurable instrumentation and power supply box and mounting points to allow development of sensors. Currently two fibre-optic sensors are fitted to the aircraft, one measuring wing strain at four span-wise points and the other fibre measuring pointwise dynamic pressure on the fuselage. There are also mounting points for a camera to be positioned next to a canopy opening and also a piping arrangement to allow the fitting a gas sensing system to sample freestream air while mounted in the instrumentation box. The aircraft in the next 12 months will be fitted with an ADC and sideslip/angle of attack probe, with control position sensors. The aircraft has a useful payload of around 200kg, a ceiling of 10,000 feet and an endurance of 4 hours with a cruise speed of 120 knots (permitted loading +6g to -4g). The aircraft is fully IFR equipped with dual Garmin GPS units.