Radiation Test facilities
20 Mar 2018



Cobham’s facilities are available to all organisations, typically as part of a scope of work to make measurements on samples in addition to irradiation.


Specific radiation test facilities and capabilities include:

  • Total ionising dose (TID) RLAT (50 to 300 rad/sec or 3.6 to 36 krad/hr) according to – MIL-STD-883 or -750, test method 1019, condition A – ESA ESCC 22900, standard dose rate
  • TID ELDRS (10 to 100 mrad/sec or 36 to 360 rad/hr) according to – MIL-STD-883 or -750, test method 1019, condition D – ESA ESCC 22900, low dose rate
  • Neutron displacement damage testing
  • Electron testing (1 to 23 MeV)
  • Heavy ion single event effects testing (SEL, SET, SEGR, SEU, SEB, SEFI)
  • Proton SEE and displacement damage testing (from 1 MeV)
  • Gamma and alpha effects on materials
  • Certificated to ISO 9001 and DLA Laboratory Suitability​​​​
  • Our cobalt cell is the only non-US facility approved by the DLA for testing to the full range of MIL-STD-750/883 test method 1019.
Laser single-event effects facility: We plan to open a SEREEL2 TPA system for short-term use at Harwell during 2020.