Off the shelf spacecraft solutions
20 Mar 2018







AAC ​Clyde Space off-the-shelf products range from subsystems of all varieties, to fully-integrated platforms. These affordable flight-proven spacecraft consist of off-the-shelf platform solutions and bespoke designs offering shorter development times and reduced costs. AAC Clyde Space recognises that each customer’s mission is different and feels that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is out-dated; which is why its modular platforms can range from 1U to 27U and combine space-qualified off-the-shelf subsystems with its unique nanosatellite systems engineering expertise. AAC Clyde Space has over a decade of experience as a leader in the field of nanosatellite design and subsystem provision, and has supplied over 2,000 subsystems for small spacecraft ranging from 0.5kg to 250kg in size to a global customer base that includes NASA, ESA, JAXA, UKSA, US Navy, LuxSpace (OHB), KARI, Spire, Outernet, and many more. AAC Clyde Space customers include international universities, commercial companies and government organisations, with over 90% of sales being outside of the UK, and two-thirds to repeat customers. AAC Clyde Space has a proven track record of developing high quality flight hardware to challenging delivery deadlines at a market-disrupting price-point, adding real and immediate value to customers’ mission developments. Key to the company’s success is the AAC Clyde Space Quality Management System, fully compliant with ISO-9001, which covers all of its products from development through manufacture and delivery, ensuring that its business is conducted in a sustainable manner within a culture of continuous improvement, fostering innovation and growth.​​