Blue Abyss
09 Mar 2020



Blue Abyss is establishing the next generation of extreme environment research & test centres to serve the needs of the offshore energy, maritime security and space sectors.


The facilities will comprise the deepest, and largest by volume, pools in the world, with associated poolside workshops and support systems, R&D centres, and high-G centrifuge and parabolic flight services.​ The first centre (UK) is expected to be operational from 2021.

​The UK Blue Abyss Centre’s proximity to open water will provide customers with a range of facilities in which to develop, evaluate, and optimise maritime technology, products, solutions and capabilities. The Centre will enable technology leaving the laboratory to be researched and evaluated within a controlled test tank facility, with on-site workshops to facilitate modifications, and the capability to continue to open water evaluation in the open sea for more rigorous assessment.
Human maritime and space training activities will be supported by appropriate on-site apparatus, including hyperbaric facilities, and skilled staff.

For spaceflight preparation, neutral buoyancy, high and low G familiarisation, coupled with the necessary briefs, health assessments and education tutorials, will be provided by professional space sector employees.

Facilities and services will be accessible commercially, with advanced booking required where large-scale utilisation of the centre is necessary.