Airbus Stevenage Bio-Clean Facility
11 Feb 2020



The Airbus Stevenage site features a Bio-Clean facility for hardware preparation for e.g. planetary lander missions.


The BCF in Stevenage is nominally an ISO8 "highly controlled" by design, i.e. bioburden controlled facility; although in actuality it has been successfully operated as an ISO 7 HC since commissioning, with control and monitoring per ECSS-Q-ST-70-58. It also includes an air shower and an integral Microbiology and Cleanliness and Contamination Laboratory. It was the "Home" on Earth of the ExoMars Rover Vehicle, as all the integration activities (including payloads and instruments) were performed here. The BCF was designed and built by a Multi-Functional-Team with different areas of expertise, including planetary protection. The facility was audited as part of the commissioning activities by ESA. The facility is suitable for all space missions requiring bio-clean assembly, integration and test.

Airbus Stevenage Bio-Clean facility with flight model Exomars Rover during build