Airbus DS Portsmouth - Thermal Vacuum Facilities
15 Mar 2018



Airbus's TV facilities simulate the severe conditions of space, the computer-controlled thermal vacuum chambers can subject units to the extremes of their working environment.


​​​​Medium Thermal Vacuum Facilities 

Mimicking the night and day experienced by the spacecraft as it moves in and out of sunlight, the chambers can cycle temperature from +100°C to - 196°C whilst simultaneously maintaining a space vacuum of at least 1.3E-5 mbar. An extensive range of hermetically sealed connector feed-throughs is available, enabling units to be powered and tested whilst enduring thermal vacuum simulation. The temperature of the test item can be constantly monitored and recorded throughout the test campaign, with the use of multiple T-Type thermocouples connected to a data logger, which also logs the pressure of the chamber. Test temperatures, dwell times and ramp rates are fully customisable to enable a wide range of products to be tested to specific customer requirements.
Vacuum Chambers ( x 4 ) available for use by third parties.
​Overall: Temperature Range: -196°C to +100°C; Pressure: <1.3x10E5 mbar. Balzers, type RSK 1500 (x2); Leybold, type VS 1677 (x2).
Chamber 2 specific:
​Maximum Unit Size: H 0.8m x W 0.75m x D 1.25m; Temperature Range: -60°C to +100°C or -196°C by means of LN2; 4 x Port Holes 0.15m diameter
Data logging:​32 thermocouple channels per chamber standard; extra channels on request.