Thermal Vacuum Facilities
21 Mar 2018



The Airbus DS Stevenage Environmental Test Lab has been upgraded with a brand new, state of the art Control Room.


​​Airbus DS Stevenage TVAC Facilities

​The Environmental Test Lab has a brand new, state of the art Control Room. Here, the seven Thermal Vacuum Chambers can be controlled remotely via PC and networked Eurotherm/Specview control system. The Chambers are capable of subjecting the test units to the extremes of their working environment, simulating the severe conditions of space (-180˚C to +120˚C). The temperature of the test item is controlled via thermal conduction plates and radiative shrouds. If required, additional zones can be created in accordance with test requirements, each of these zones have independent thermal control. During testing, the test item may be powered up and signals can be analysed outside the Chamber by means of power and data feed-through cables. All data is recorded via our Specview data logging system. The data can be analysed during the test without interrupting the test and extracted as an excel file at the end of the test.
Ultra-High Vacuum Chambers ( x 2 )
  • Torr: <1*10e-5
  • Dimensions: 1.3m x 1.0m diameter
  • Temperature Ranges: -180˚C to +120˚C using liquid nitrogen. -60˚C to +100˚C using fluid refrigeration system
  • Oil free roughing pump, Cryogenic main pump & backup turbo pump on UPS.
  • Computer Controlled Heating System
1.5 m x 1.5 m Vacuum Chambers ( x 3 )
  • Torr: <1*10e-5
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • 1) -65˚C to +120˚C (4 independent Mini-Shrouds)
    • 2) -50˚C to +120˚C
    • (3) -170˚C to +140˚C
  • Lauda Fluid Refrigeration System
  • Oil free roughing pump & Cryogenic main pump
  • Computer Controlled Heating System
​2.2 m x 2.2 m Vacuum Chambers ( x 2 )*
  • Torr: <1*10e-5
  • Temperature Range: -180˚C to +120˚C
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooled baseplate and shroud system
  • Electrically heated baseplate and shroud system
  • Cold trap
  • Oil free roughing pumps & Cryogenic main pumps    
*The second 2.2m x 2.2m chamber is specifically modified for High-Power Microwave Tests like Power Handling and Multipaction