Airbus DS Stevenage Propulsion Activites
21 Mar 2018



​In the field of spacecraft propulsion, Airbus DS Stevenage provides support to spacecraft system design, platform engineering, manufacture, assembly and integration.


​Airtbus DS Stevenage Propulsion System Test and Propellant Loadin​​g

Airbus provides full end-to-end testing and launch site preparation and fuelling at various launch sites including Kourou, Baikonur, Plesetsk and US sites in California and Florida. Airbus DS undertakes full system integration of large bipropellant, monopropellant, cold gas and plasma propulsion systems.
  Propulsion System Test and Propellant Loadin​​g
The Propulsion Team is a multi-project group encompassing 22 propulsion system platforms currently in build at Stevenage including all 39 Eurostar Telecoms programmes: 10 UK MoD platforms, MetOp, Aeolus, Aeolus ICS, LISA PF, Bepi Colombo, SWARM, GAIA, CSO and EarthCARE. The Company is experienced and fully qualified in the transportation and handling of hazardous materials in accordance with COSHH, REACH and IMDG.
Large chemical propellant tank as used on telecommunication and science satellites