Magnetic Mobile Coil Facility
05 Oct 2021



The Magnetic Mobile Coil Facility (MCF) is available to third parties.


​​Magnetic Mobile Coil Facility.​​​

Credit: Airbus

​Airbus DS has a Helmholtz coil and turntable for performing magnetic measurements in accordance with the ECSS magnetic moment characterisation procedure. This facility can be used for initial (i.e. as received), perm (300µT), de-perm (5mT) or stray (i.e. unit powered) measurements of magnetic moment. The Helmholtz coil can obtain a zero field at the centre of the coils within ±5nT.

In addition, there is access to a suite of AC magnetometers that can characterize low frequency AC magnetic field from mHz to 5kHz, using sensitive Bartington fluxgate magnetometers (noise levels <6pTrms/√Hz).

There is also access to a hand-held de-magnetiser if structural elements require de-magnetising (e.g. steel MGSE brackets and fixings).​

Airbus DS has accumulated vast knowledge with regards to magnetic measurements from heritage projects with a focus on magnetic cleanliness (such as Solar Orbiter, JUICE and LISA Pathfinder), and may be able to accommodate support for measurements beyond the standard specifications, so please do not refrain from requesting more information if necessary.


Contact for the MCF:

Maxsim Pudney


Image: Magnetic Mobile Coil Facility labelled with: Fluxgate Magnetometer (left), Helmholtz Coils (top and bottom right), Turntable (middle right). Credit: Airbus