High Power Radio Frequency Testing
21 Mar 2018



Several types of Radio Frequency (RF) tests are available at Stevenage.


There is a large anechoic chamber for Power Handling, Passive Inter Modulation and S parameter RF testing. There is a large thermal vacuum chamber for power handling and multipaction testing. Tests can be performed on waveguides, filters, antennas and up to complete spacecraft.

4000W Ku Band amplifiers

Frequency range of 10.0 to 12.75GHz
Can be configured to have two 2000W per amplifier.
Can be combined to give 8000W output
Protected with internal isolators but can withstand a full short circuit up to 57dBm

The amplifiers can be configured for use in the Anechoic Chamber free radiating with Power handling capability 1500W/m2 and also has RAM temperature monitoring using thermal imaging cameras. Or connected to the Dedicated TVAC chamber for power handling of components or for multipaction testing of components.
Electrical test Facility

  • Passive Inter Modulation (PIM) testing at L, C, Ku and Ka-band
  • Thermal PIM testing at C, Ku and Ka-band
  • Thermal PIM temperature range currently ±/140°C
  • PIM testing of reflectors, Feed Chain Assemblies and Complete Antennas
  • Power handling of Feed Assemblies
​Anechoic Chamber
​The Anechoic Chamber has the following:

  • Floor area 120 m2
  • Dimensions in meters (10W x12L x 14H)
  • Access Double swing doors 8m x 10m
  • Screening effectiveness up to 100 dB up to 40GHz
  • Temperature controlled to 20°C+/- 3°C
  • Relative Humidity controlled to 50% +/- 10%
  • Area controlled to ISO 8
  • Contains thermal chamber temperature with a range
  • ±/140°C for PIM testing
  • Power handling capability 1500W/m2
  • RAM temperature monitoring using thermal imaging