​AVS conceives and develops high-value mechanisms, instruments and robotics for high-value Space missions. AVS is also developing its own catalogue of Space products for IOS, mechanisms, propulsion systems and thermal devices.

AVS UK has grown rapidly thanks to the funding from commercial primes, investment from the mother company and grants with the UK Space Agency, ESA and Innovate UK.

AVS has also got its own large dedicated engineering workshop (ENSAMBLA1) for high precision assemblies and tegrations, ISO-9 clean room (ENSAMBLA2), non-dedicated ISO-8 clean room (ENSAMBLA3), and access to ISO-7 clean rooms, creating a one-stop shop for high-value mechanical, thermal and propulsion Space systems.
ENSAMBLA1: Dedicated high precision assembly and integration rooms for Space systems.
​AVS UK is also developing its own test facility for high thrust electric and hybrid propulsion thrusters, including their own 1-10 N water electrolysis. Expected date Q3 2020. (TESTA)

ENSAMBLA 2: Dedicated ISO-9 clean room (for assembly and integration of EMs).
In parallel of INTEGRA, AVS envisages to have its own ISO-7 cleanroom by Q1 2022 (ENSAMBLA4).

In conjunction with the spin-off URA Thrusters are building a new thruster production, integration and test facility for water propulsion thrusters. Expected date Q1 2022 (INTEGRA).

ENSAMBLA is offered to customers if either engineering services or support during design, manufacturing, assembly or integration are required. TESTA will be offered in a full-week basis rent including support and data acquisition.
INTEGRA will be a private facility. 

ENSAMBLA3: Non-dedicated ISO-8 clean room.

ENSAMBLA4: Access to ISO-7 clean rooms and future dedicated ISO-7 clean room.