ABSL Enersys




ABSL Power Solutions Ltd, including its space group ABSL Space Products, was acquired in 2011 by the US company EnerSys, a global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. EnerSys believes that lithium batteries represent a significant growth driver for the coming years, complementing the growth of its existing business in lead-acid and nickel-based batteries. Space and terrestrial batteries, together with an expanding range of space instrumentation products manufactured by ABSL are valued as a diversified, specialist product mix supplied by the company into space and defence markets around the world. ABSL has supplied batteries for over 70 space satellite systems along with instrumentation system products for various space missions. ABSL has operational sites at Culham, Oxfordshire and in Longmont, Colorado.

ABSL’s space operations in the UK are based at the Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire. The Culham facility has evolved from more than 40 years of continuous involvement in the space industry and includes a full suite of space hardware design, build, and test facilities to support the COTS battery design approach.

ABSL has a World-class suite of design, build and testing facilities for cell screening, matching and acceptance testing for the production of space-qualified Lithium-ion batteries. These facilities are mostly for use by ABSL engineers working on batteries for commercial or scientific space applications but some, such as the BEAST battery design tool, are available for users to install at their own premises as a valuable addition to their space systems engineering design portfolio.​