3C Test Ltd
20 Mar 2018



3C Test has become one the UK leading EMC test houses and fully intends to maintain that position. It can provide a comprehensive EMC testing service at unit or subsystem level.


3C Test Ltd is a fully independent EMC test house, originally known as Trip​le C Ltd which was located in Grendon Underwood, Bucks, until it moved to Silverstone, Northants, in 2006, changing its brand name as it did so. Major investment of over 1.5 million pounds signifies how 3C Test has evolved to become one of the UK’s leading EMC test houses, underlining the company commitment to delivering first class EMC testing for a wide range of industries, including space, for companies such as Honeywell (formerly COM D​EV). 3C Test is UKAS accredited to BS EN ISO 17025: 2005 and holds many other country and manufacturer specific accreditations.

​3C Test EMC Facilities

3C’s EMC facilities include:

  •  3m CISPR 16 Semi-Anechoic Chamber
  • 10m CISPR 16 Semi-Anechoic Chamber
  • Three CISPR 25 Semi-Anechoic Chambers
  • Five Automotive Electrical Test Laboratories
  • ESD Test Laboratory
  • General Purpose Screened Room
  • Radio Laboratory
  • Safety Laboratory
  • High Voltage Test Laboratory
Within these facilities the Company can offer the following tests:

  • Radiated Immunity: 20Hz - 18GHz up to 600V/m (depending on frequency range and test method)
  • Test methods include tri-plate, bulk current injection, stripline, electric and magnetic free field
  • Radiated Emissions: 20Hz – 26.5GHz Conducted Emissions: 20Hz – 400 MHz
  • Transients: Configurable systems covering all pulses specified by ISO 7637
  • ESD: Variable networks up to ± 30 kV, contact and air · DC Electrical Performance testing using fully variable set-ups with function generators in tandem with DC-10kHz amplifiers of up to 5kW capability​