Neptec UK Ltd


​Neptec UK 


Opened in Harwell, Oxfordshire in October 2014, Neptec U​K Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neptec Design Group Ltd. of Ottawa, Canada, which is an award-winning technology innovator for the space market and NASA ​Prime Contractor. Neptec UK provides support to the Company’s European-based customers as well as specialising in the UK development of space-qualified metrology instruments, IR cameras and other intelligent sensors.

Neptec’s space contracts will require extensive qualification testing and since Neptec UK is an SME without its own testing facilities, it will have to rely on other organisations in the UK to provide those services. These contracts will require the following tests to be performed on Neptec’s equipment before delivery to the Customer: thermal-vacuum; vibration; shock; EMC; and radiation performance. Neptec aspires to use manufacturing and test facilities under development at Harwell and elsewhere in the UK.​​​