Space sensors for formation flying & TIR Cameras for rendezvous & docking a debris removal missions
22 Mar 2018





​​ESA Proba-3 Mission using Nep​tec's HAMS sensor (left) and its predecessor CAMS (right)​


Space sensors for formation flying

Under contract to the Spanish company Sener, Neptec UK is currently developing the HAMS (Hi-Accuracy Measurement System) for the ESA PROBA-3 two-satellite precision formation-flying mission. HAMS is a derivative of an earlier instrument CAMS (Canadian Astro-H Metrology System) developed for the JAXA Astro-H mission. It is able to measure the nominally 150m distance between the two satellites to micrometre accuracy so that they are effectively flying joined to each other, even though there is no physical connection. It is expected that this technology will allow smaller satellites to be launched from Earth independently and then joined in space to form larger structures or platforms such​​​ as large telescopes. Neptec also intends to exploit potential terrestrial applications for this precision ranging technology.​​​​

TIR Cameras for rendezvous & docking a debris removal missions 

Neptec UK recently won two contracts with the UK Space Agency: a) to develop model simulations of IR cameras in space; and b) to design and build a European space-qualified IR camera.​​